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Pet Shimasu!

Pet Shimasu!

comedy Β· romance Β· slice of life

β€’ 1-2) "I'm the Pet!" Shizuru is living alone with his mother who has difficulties paying the rent in time. In place of his mother, he goes to the landlord's house, Koushirou, to negociate the rent. Willing to do anything, he ends up being the substitute for Koushirou's loved dog, Catherine. β€’ 3) "Love Drive" Ogawa is always getting annoyed by Saeki who often yells at him. But does he really hate him or...? β€’ 4) "Manager is a Dangerous Job" Working as a manager for the top idol, Kamijyou Hikaru, isn't an easy job. But how far Nakatani is willing to go to supervise Hikaru? β€’ 5) "It's a Secret for Onii-chan" Spin-off about the younger brother, Touma, from "Masaka Kore ga Koi Nante" chapter 5. β€’ 6) "My Lover is My Bodyguard" A bodyguard and young master relationship. β€’ 7) "This is Surely Love" Sequel to "Masaka Kore ga Koi Nante".

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