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0-2) Bookmark (ブックマーク); kakioroshi, Comic Mujin 2012-04, kakioroshi 3-4) Hime-chan to Karasu (姫ちゃんと烏, The Princess and the Crow); Comic Mujin 2009-11, 2010-06 5-6) Level C (レベルC); Comic Mujin 2011-05, 2013-08 7, 10) 375 (Minako); Comic Mujin 2011-11, kakioroshi Minako goes to live with with her cousin Shuuya not knowing that he is madly in love with her and will do anything to have her. 8) Amamori no Yari (雨森の槍, Amamori's Spear); Comic Mujin 2009-06 9) Amamori no Shuumatsu (雨森の週末, Amamori's Weekend); Comic Mujin 2013-01

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