Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2

Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2


Set half a decade after the events in Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden, the narrative unfolds in the Kingdom of Hillsland, now a mere shadow of its former grandeur during the reign of King Ruin Demedium over a hundred and fifty years ago. Amidst the kingdom's turmoil with Fronce, an amnesiac man with fiery red hair mysteriously appears near a harbor, clad only in a mask. Unaware of his past and lacking attire, the man unwittingly attracts trouble and gets apprehended by the authorities upon entering town. Dubbed Mask due to his circumstances, he is later presented with a chance for freedom by assisting in vanquishing a monster residing in Boinbara's castle, alongside a group of imprisoned mermen pirates. Simultaneously, in the realm of Edellant, King Ryuto Hende remains confined to his chambers for weeks due to a mysterious ailment, with only the queens and his closest advisors tending to him in his seclusion.

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