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Hatsukoi Ribbon.

Hatsukoi Ribbon.


1. Weekend♥Couple (うぃーくえんど♥かっぷる); Comic X-Eros #19 A week ago, the protagonist has forced himself on his best friend's little sister, Miu. Now that he is hearing from the friend about how Miu has become more withdrawn since, he is starting to feel bad, so he decides to apologise to Miu. However, will he be able to keep his intentions pure when he learns that Miu hasn't stopped loving him, and that he has managed to awaken something in the innocent girl? 2. Kodona no Kaidan (こどなのかいだん); Comic X-Eros #01 Kouji is a tutor to a young girl, Rurika, and is currently making her do an exam. Just as he is feeling gratified at how well she is doing, she asks him to have sex with her. Apparently, he is the most convenient choice for her to lose virginity to before she enters middle school. Kouji of course rejects staunchly, but Rurika might just have enough seduction and verbal ammunition to make him stop holding back his lolicon tendencies. 3. Imouto♥Cupid (いもうと♥きゅーぴっと); Comic X-Eros #13 Megu is helping her best friend, Arisa, confess to her own older brother. The two childhood friends have been in love with each other for a while, so Megu is glad that they are about to get together. However, her brother gets an erection during the confession, so she might as well tease him for the last time. 4. Nakayoshi Ribbon (なかよしりぼん); Comic X-Eros #09 When a teacher learns that one of his students, Mayu, has been advised by her editor to try falling in love to improve her manga, the first thing that comes to mind is that she is confessing to him. He is aware that she has had a crush on him, but he still can't believe his luck. However, they are still student and teacher, so he will have to reject ... unless he is simply able to play the role of a boyfriend. That is, get all the advantages with minimal risks. 5. Momoka no Kokuhaku (百花の告白); Comic X-Eros #09 Ishimochi is a normal young girl who hasn't kissed or gone on a date. Except, she has done all sorts of things with Fushimi, and she knows all the spots to make him feel good. It's not like they are couple, just that for some reason, whenever he calls her out, she just isn't able to refuse. 6-9. Imouto☆Control (いもうと☆こんとろーる); Comic Megastore 2011-10, 2012-02, 07, kakioroshi An older brother has been holding back from having sex with Emi, his younger sister. For her part, Emi would love to have sex with him, but she isn't able to be honest about it, so they have this weird relationship which doesn't fully cross the line despite Emi giving her brother blowjobs regularly. However, when Emi's best friend, Yuu, who is very assertively interested in the brother, enters the fray, things soon rapidly turn for the passionate. 10. Ai♥Catch (あい♥ちゃっち, Eyecatch); Comic X-Eros #05 Mayu decides to tease her teacher since he has been acting suspicious ever since he started 'playing the role of her boyfriend' by avoiding looking at her.

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