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Toroke Manako

Toroke Manako


1. Kano Yoi Komuro, who works at a bookstore, has noticed that recently a disguised girl has been 'secretly' buying porn magazines. He only feels annoyence towards her for her poor attempts at concealing her purchase, but that changes when he one day finds out the girl is Mikage Yuiko, his former classmate whom he remember as prim and proper. 2. Shimekiri☆Hatsujou Management Maaya, a hentai mangaka, and Shinta, her assistant, have been abstaining from sex until their work is done. However, when Maaya finishes first, she is immediately all over Shinta even though they are past the deadline already. 3. I-chi-zu-na (Wholeheartedly) Kotarou's childhood friend, Mizuho, has become a popular idol. When she asks him to visit her, he takes the long journey even though he's not an idol otaku anymore.Still, he is glad that she has fulfilled her dream, but was becoming an idol really her dream? 4. NetoNetorare While in school, Minato used to date her teacher, but he dumped her to get married. At a class reunion five years later, she is still in love with him. 5. Koineko Koikoi Daichi is dating Nanako, but they haven't met for half a year so that he can focus on studying for university exams, which he has failed once already. Having held back their desires for each other for so long, how will their date turn out? 6. Amayadori (Shelter) Taketo and Hinata are taking shelter from rain, waiting for it to pass. Hinata is reading an erotic novel and Taketo takes a peek. Seeing the contents made him reevalute her, and when he checks out her rain-soaked self, he tries asking her to read the novel out loud to him. 7. Happiness☆Wedding (My Happy Wedding) Narumi is about to marry. Everything is perfect, until a strange man who seems to know her waltzes into the dressing room. She tries to resist, but then strange memories appear in her head. 8. Doreigokko (Servant Game) returns to his childhood home after a long time, where he meets his childhood friend, Konoha. They play a game of old maid where the loser has to do anything the winner tells them to for a whole day, just like they used to when they were little. 9. Takuhai Lover (Lover Delivery Service) Yayoi is a virgin, waiting for a special someone. When she is disturbed by a delivery when touching herself, she is prepared to pretend she isn't home. However, then she notices that the courier is her childhood friend, Nao. 10. Hatsujou Shichau zo (Her Body is Everyday Exciting!!) When Yuu is asked by his childhood friend, Haruka, to help her get over her phobia of men so that she can accept his friend's confession, he gets irritated and takes her on a walk around town in miniskirt and without panties, calling it practice. 11. Kimi-iro♥Kyoudai (Come On! Lovely Sisters!) Kentarou starts dating his innocent ex-girlfriend's, Maki's, younger sister, Nana. However, he and Maki are still in love with each other. Thankfully, Nana wants to make Maki lose her prudish ideas of sex. 12. Inaka to Kimi to Taka meets his childhood friend, Chiemi, who had left the countryside a long time ago. Something seems to be bothering her, but he is too attracted to her to get to the bottom of things.

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