Demonion 2: Maou to Sannin no Joou

Demonion 2: Maou to Sannin no Joou


In the once desolate Nilt region, nomadic tribes established four distinct nations: the elegant Elven realm of Lusario, the formidable Eastern empire Shuka, the frosty dominion Kilos, and the sinister dark realm of Hados. Unfortunately, Hados met its demise following a human-fueled rebellion. A century later, the Diabolica, viewed as agents of calamity, faced discrimination and oppression. Among them was Caym, a surviving prince of Hados secluded in a remote area. Encountering a determined girl named Risbell, he was implored to resurrect Hados to safeguard his people and avenge her parents' deaths at human hands. In a bold declaration, Caym vowed to conquer the three nations and claim their queens as his own servants.

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