Chou Saiminjutsu Gakuen

Chou Saiminjutsu Gakuen


Entrapped in a web of intrigue woven by hypnotic manipulations at Monmosu school, our protagonist finds himself at odds with a clandestine foe bent on enforcing a loveless existence. Despite a blissful romance that ends abruptly, Shoubu Hikarigaoka plunges from joy to sorrow. However, this ordeal leads him to delve into the school's shadowy underbelly where he encounters the enigmatic figure, Hinageshi, a master of hypnosis. Hinageshi, betrayed by a former disciple turned tyrant, tasks Shoubu with a mission: unveil the enemy's true identity and strip him of his hypnotic prowess. Driven by the desire to reclaim his lost love, Shoubu agrees without hesitation. Empowered with a hypnotic tool, he sets out to untangle the enigma of the brainwashed heroines and confront the puppeteer pulling the strings behind the school's power play.

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