Ma☆ko Hunter: Gokujou Yome Kari Life

Ma☆ko Hunter: Gokujou Yome Kari Life


In the fantastical realm of Genda and Manne, diverse landscapes unfold: enchanted forests inhabited by elves, fairies, and witches; Wild West prairies bustling with cowgirls, Indians, and cowboys; a majestic medieval kingdom teeming with knights and princesses; and bustling modern cities. What sets this world apart is a unique arrangement where men and women dwell in separate nations, engaging in a deadly game of pursuit for procreation. Predominantly led by formidable women, these hunters track down their male counterparts due to the strength advantage women hold in this society. Originating from a historical event that banished men from the Mainland to the Island, creating this gender-segregated society. Enter our protagonist, a skilled hunter unafraid of the female hunters who cross his path, on a mission not for pleasure or profit but to secure a companion and continue his lineage. As the climactic hunt commences, the stakes are high for our hero in his quest for a lasting legacy.

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