In Happiness!, the story revolves around Yuuma Kohinata, a high school student in the regular section of Mizuhosaka Academy, alongside his friends Jun Watarase and Hachisuke Takamizo. The magic section of the school is dedicated to training mages in the ways of magic. As Valentine's Day approaches, girls rush to get the perfect chocolates to give to their crushes, following tradition. Haruhi Kamisaka, a mage in training, sets out with her friend Anri Hiiragi to do the same. During a park encounter, Haruhi meets Yuuma, who intervenes in a bullying incident, sparking a connection. On Valentine's Day, amidst gift-giving at school, Anri challenges Haruhi to a magic duel to claim her chocolate. Chaos ensues as Anri loses control, endangering Yuuma. Ultimately, both girls give their chocolates to Yuuma, leading to an unexpected twist. A gas explosion forces the magic students to join the regular section, placing Haruhi and Anri in Yuuma's class. Now, the girls must adapt to their new normal at Mizuhosaka Academy.

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