World End Economica

World End Economica


Yoshiharu Kawaura is part of the first generation of humans born on the Moon and has a wild dream: to be a part of the elite who live at the center of Newton City. As a homeless teenage runaway with only meager savings and an irreverent attitude, he hides and sleeps in internet cafes while trading stocks on the Lunar Stock Exchange. With his hard work and natural intuition of the market, his seed money of one thousand mools grows to seventy-two thousand mools in a matter of months, with the end to his streak nowhere in sight. Unfortunately, despite the Moon being an economic paradise with limited regulations and low taxes, street urchins like Yoshiharu must always remain on the lookout. After an especially close call with the police, he takes refuge in a church owned and ran by Risa, a part-time worker at a Chinese restaurant. In a stroke of fate, also staying at the church is Hagana, a cold girl with mean eyes and genius-level mathematical abilities. Yoshiharu—now assuming the pseudonym Haru—immediately sees Hagana's potential as a quantitative analyst and establishes a partnership with her for a virtual stock trading competition known to be a ticket into the financial community. As their growing success both in and out of the competition leads to more people investing in Haru and his goal, will he be able to keep his cool and stay on top of the ever-volatile market?

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