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Junai Irregulars

Junai Irregulars


1. Derenai (デレない); Comic Mujin 2010-07 2. A Nyuugyuu Life (a乳牛life, A Dairy Cow's Life); Comic Mugen Tensei 2014-09 3. One Top Shoujo (ワントップ少女, One-Top Girl); Comic Mujin 2008-10 4. Derenai Family (デレないFamily); Comic Mujin 2011-06 5. Lucky♥Yui (ラッキー♥ゆい); Comic Mugen Tensei 2014-12 6. Seishoku Room Service (生殖ルームサービス, Reproduction Room Service); Buster Comic Vol.7 2008-09 7. Moroku Gankyou ni (脆く頑強に, Fragile and Tough); Comic Mugen Tensei 2014-04

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