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Muchimuchi♥Cream Pie

Muchimuchi♥Cream Pie


1. Lesson H A new teacher at an all-girls high school find out that the school has a very unusual approach to sex ed, chiefly involving animal ears, skimpy outfits and practice for baby-making sex. 2. Hips! Kido has been a teacher at an all-girls high school for three years. Unfortunately, the porn he has hidden in the school library was discovered by two students. Fortunately, the students in question are taking the initiative to take care of his sexual desires. 3. Imouto Video When Runa, a gravure idol, visits her older brother's place, she finds him studying her videos intensely. After he gives her a passionate speech about the lacking skills of the cameraman who shot her second video, she is convinced to let her brother record an image video of her too. 4. Soredemo Boku wa... Miyu is the targer of all her male classmates' adoration.Ryouta, too, is a fan of hers. However, when the head maid presents to him a brainwashed Miu, apparently so that his father can see a grandchild before he dies, Ryouta does have the conscience to try to rescue her. Unfortunately, he has to resist a whole night of Miyu's advances before the maid accepts to undo the brainwashing. 5. Love Love Coaching Ai is a new co-coach for a boys' baseball team. Apparently, she has a track record of helping her high school team improve tremendously when she was its manager, but for some reason she has no recollection what she actually did back then as a manager. Fortunately, the head coach does know her secret. 6. Yui-sensei no Kyoushi Seikatsu (Ms. Yui's Sexual School Activities) Yui has been a teacher at an all-boys school for half a year. At first, she tried to suppress her sexual urges, but ever since she had slipped up one day, she has been helping the boys relieve their urges. Now, she can't walk for five minutes before being asked for help by a student, forcing her to change her approach. 7. Guutara Aniki to Otoutoyome When your older brother's neglected wife offers to have sex with you for some spending money, there is no way you would go to a brothel as per your original plan. 8. Musume Escalation A middle-aged widower who still misses his wife after six years has been having strange dreams where he has sex with his wife, except there are two of them. They keep reminding him of his wish to have a child of his own, which he had given up on in order to raise his two stepdaughters. 9. Taigaiteki Jiko Ai e no Kousatsu (A Study on External Narcissism) When a siscon's younger sister Hinata asks him to help her have sex with her twin sister, Hinata, he sets out to do the job. Fortunately, this turn out to be very easy, and apparently he gets to have sex with them too? 10. Shizuhara-san no Nayami Koto When a guy gets to coach a housewives' volleyball team, the sessions can never end too early given what a sight for sore eyes the women are. This time, however, he is glad to leave since he was invited to drink at one of the wives' place. Apparently, another woman is getting divorced and needs help with a little something. 11. Inu ga Arukeba Bou ni Ataru Mana has asked her friend Rumi for help because her mandog, Taro, has grown to the age when he can procreate and so has been getting boners. She is afraid that her strict father will dispose of Taro once he learns of the issue, and so Mana and Rumi will have to work out some solution.

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