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Mida Love

Mida Love


1. Nodoka na Otsukiai (のどかなおつきあい, A Peaceful Association); Comic KOH #1 Tsukasa just wants to finish copying homework and have lunch before the lunch break ends, but his childhood friend Nodoka has decided that it's a good time to confide in him about her love worries.In the end they decide to practice going on dates together. 2. Tonari no Saseko-san (隣のさせ子さん, The Whore Beside Me); Comic KOH #2 Okayama is in love with Shimizu, but since she is a cool beauty and appears untouchable, he is content to idolise her from afar. However, when he learns of a rumour that she will have sex with anyone who asks, his worldview is shattered, and he has to learn the truth, even if it makes her hate him. 3. Kokone Gokoro (ここねごころ, Kokone's Heart); Comic KOH #3 Kokone is an unambitious and disillusioned high school girl. Her mom keeps comparing her to her neighbour Murase, a high achiever. So, to release some stress, she teases him about being a virgin, but he just shoots the same question back and offers to relieve her of that particular 'complex'. 4. Futarigake Gohan (ふたりかけごはん, A Meal for Two); Comic LO 2013-07 Rurika, her parents never home, has grown to see every aspect of her life as tedious. Thankfully, when Tatsumi, an older neighbour, starts fussing over her out of worry, her life slowly regains colour. 5-6. Arisa's Bitch Project (アリサびっちぷろじぇくと); Comic LO 2013-10, 2015-03 Koichi has fallen in love with Arisa, a twelve-year-old girl who helps her mother run a bookstore for an hour every saturday. He is content to watch her from afar, but Arisa has prepared a special lottery for him. 7. Dokidoki☆Dekiai Lesson! (どきどき☆溺愛レッスン!, Heart-Pounding Doting Lesson!); Comic LO 2014-10 When Yuzu asks Miki, a 26-year-old man from the neighbourhood, to take her and her friend Sumire to the pool, he agrees even though he can't swim. He plans to just watch over them, but they have other plans. 8. Hug Hug (はぐはぐっ); Comic LO 2012-11 Lately, Hajime has been struggling with insomnia. He has tried numerous methods, yet sleeps remains out of reach. One night, as he wanders around in search of something soft, he gets the bright idea to use his little sister as a body pillow. 9. Kimi no Sumu Machi (きみの住む待ち, Kimi's Hometown); Comic LO 2013-04 Ad Iizuka sits in a park, disillusioned, he is approached by an 11-year-old girl who claims to have met him. She is similarly lost, so after a long talk she asks to be his friend. Together, thay explore the city which they used to hate, and come to love it instead. 10. DOUBLE PEACE MAKER ; Comic LO 2014-07 West Town is terrorised by Quickshot Jack, a terrible rogue whose rapid ejaculation allows him to win draws with ease. When Mike, a new arrival in town, falls to him too, Maria, an inexperienced young girl, takes it upon herself to save the town. She is confident after her practice in masturbating, but Jack is a dangerous foe.

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