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Konna Koto

Konna Koto


Not all girls are either gentle and submissive or domineering and cruel. Some girls are in the middle...and some girls are just a pain in the ass. Indecent Proposal shines a spotlight on girls who can be a bit of a handful -- stubborn girls tenaciously clinging to what they want, mile-a-minute girls leaving quiet boyfriends to play catch-up, and demanding girls who just wanna be spoiled. But what’s cuter than a strong-willed person losing their composure and showing vulnerability in an intimate moment? The contrast is to die for and Minato Fumi’s determined damsels are no exception. It’s one thing to want affection; it’s another to be confronted with the shocking pleasures of cunnilingus and anal sex! On top of all that, it’s not just the heroines who are a handful, but the book itself is, as it clocks in with seventeen chapters, more than 250 pages, and features previously print exclusive stories. This Indecent Proposal is an offer you won’t want to refuse.

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