Leo Attiel Den: Kubinashi Kou no Shouzou

Leo Attiel Den: Kubinashi Kou no Shouzou


The Principality of Atall, in the middle of two major powers, the Arion Kingdom in the west, and Saint Dithiane Federation in the east. The second son of the prince, Leo Attiel was sent to Arion no better than a hostage and worked hard on martial arts and academics under the viceroy of the frontier. And, the era will reach its turning point. The relationship between Arion and the neutral power that has borders with Atall, the Temple of Conscon, has deteriorated. The reinforcement from Atall, Percy, warrior monk of Conscon, Camus, and mercenary Kuon who came from the remote area cooperate to resist the looming army of Arion. In the middle of the battle, Leo and the three would fulfill their destined meeting——

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