Tengoku ni Namida wa Iranai

Tengoku ni Namida wa Iranai


Koreo is a high-school student descendant of a family that holds spectral powers, and makes a living using them. Divination, exorcism, or just whatever odd jobs customers have for him usual institutions can’t deal with. He ends up having to summon a Seraphim to free an allegedly cursed classroom in school, but he notices things are growing out of control. A Seraphim is said to be the closest angel to God in the angelical order and he is the most loyal in the Christian religion. Its name is Abdiel and with his help, Koreo solves the case and tracks down the curse’s cause: a girl at school named Tama who turns out to be a devil. And a loli one at that. But to Koreo’s dismay, Abdiel turns out to be a full-fledged lolicon with no interest whatsoever in any other type of girl, and immediately fixes his eye on Tama. So Koreo spends most of the series’ length protecting Tama’s chastity from Abdiel. Abdiel’s only saving grace: He is super handsome —an ikemen— so he has no trouble to get girls to pay attention to him.

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