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Kimi no Nioi ga Suki

Kimi no Nioi ga Suki

hentaislice of life

1-2. Kimi no Nioi ga Suki (I like your smell) Akira's lover Youji suffers from oxyosmia, a condition that makes him overly sensitive to smells. The only smell he really loves is Akira's, much to the latter's dismay. One day, Akira consults their mutual friend Naoto about the situation, but... 3. Kimi no Nioi ga Suki: Tarekomi-ya to Doukyonin 4. Inma Tsuitemasu! (I'm Being Possessed by an Incubus!) 5. Inma Douseishitemasu! (I'm Living Together With an Incubus!) 6. Tookute Chikai Ki ni naru Aitsu (So Close Yet So Far But I'm Interested in Him) 7. Midara na Koe wo Kikasete yo♡ (Let Me Hear Your Lewd Voice♡) 8. Onzoushi-sama no Himitsu no Yuugi (Secret Game with the Scion) 9. Onzoushi-sama no Owaranu Yuugi (Endless Game with the Scion) 10. Onzoushi-sama no Himitsu no Sugao (The Reality Behind the Scion's Secret)

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