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Sayonara Koibito Mata Kite Tomodachi

Sayonara Koibito Mata Kite Tomodachi


That person just wanted to see ... could it be that there shall be love? Kanae, a student was transferred to a quiet country town. The moment they saw Kanae whole class thought of wanting to rape him. This is due to a peculiar condition that has Kanae being an impossible temptation to ignore. Ougi, being the leader of the class, also has the intention to do so and begins his plan. No matter what you think Kanae, it attracts their environment and protecting Ougi follows, but in the end, there was an act of violation of Kanae by a classmate. Lust, love, friendship, jealousy ... crossings each other's opinions are the events that are drawn in this youth BL.

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