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Koibumi Toiro

Koibumi Toiro


1. Shoga Hamu Mushi mo Sukizuki Two to three times a week, a boy visits the bookstore on his way back from school. Over there, he reads books about folklore and myths on his hometown. But, he also goes there to sneak a peek at a mysterious person. Just who is he? 2. Tsumamigui no Iiwake (Excuses for Snatching) After the events in Shoga Hamu Mushi mo Sukisuki, Asahina followed Sano home to observe him while he's working. Guess Sano never knew how innocent Asahina could be... 3-4. Kodomodamashi to Kijou no Koi 5. Otona to Ehon 6. Gozen 4-ji, Sasayaku You ni (Whispering at 4am) One day, Souichirou met a mysterious guy at bar he frequents. The first thing that guy told him was, "You look like you're about to die." Souichirou, however, did not find that the least bit amusing and brushed it off easily. Until his first encounter with danger and then everything started to spiral out of control... 7. Rakka Koibumi (Falling Love Letters) Isa is sick and tired of confronting his tenant, Hasegawa-san who is an author, to pick up after himself and pay his rent. With the second last of his tenant leaving, Isa's suddenly stuck with a dilemma on whether or not to continue renting the place out or sell it. But, a visit to a local bookstore maybe change his perspective and bring more excitement to his mundane daily life... 8. Atarikushi Hazurenashi 9. Hana to Tegami

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