Set in the era of Napolean's reign in France, this tale delves into the life of Guys, a young boy condemned to a lifetime behind bars for a murder he did not commit. Falsely accused and thrown into a merciless prison system, Guys fights against violence, treachery, and despair as he seeks justice within the confines of his harsh reality. Amidst a backdrop of fear and betrayal, he forges unexpected alliances with peculiar allies, including inebriated lawyers and eccentric inmates. As he unravels a sinister conspiracy woven around him, he grapples with the loss of his freedom and dignity, facing off against the callous forces that orchestrated his downfall. Determined to unveil the truth and reclaim his freedom, Guys navigates a perilous path towards redemption, clinging to hope and resilience amidst the bleakness of his surroundings. Will his unwavering resolve penetrate the hardened hearts of his fellow prisoners? Can he ultimately unearth the secrets shrouding his wrongful conviction and secure his salvation?

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