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1. Model no Oshigoto: Sukumizu-hen (A Model's Job: School Swimsuit Chapter) In today's photoshoot, Yume is modelling in various school swimsuits. However, as soon as she puts on her own, the staff can no longer wait... 2. Enbo! (γˆγ‚“γΌοΌ, Schoolgirl Prostitute Classifieds!) A guy who got tired of high- and middle-schoolers decides to try compensated dating with a grade-schooler. Unofortunately, the girl he hooked up with, Iruka, has not had pleasurable sex before despite being experienced. Getting turned off by the emotionless sex, he decides to take it upon himself to teach Iruka the true pleasures of sex. 3. Enbo!! (γˆγ‚“γΌοΌοΌ, Schoolgirl Prostitute Classifieds!!) The guy decides to go for a grade schooler again after a while, and by coincidence ends up with Lisa, Iruka's best friend. She only does heavy petting and puts on a sadistic persona, spewing constant verbal abuse. However, there is something off about her act. Perhaps there may be a way to get into her pants? 4. Enbo? (γˆγ‚“γΌοΌŸ, Schoolgirl Prostitute Classifieds?) Iruka and Lisa come to visit mister to have a threesome. 5. Jiikkusu Enjoy AV (Masturbating enjoy AV) This time, Plum has visited one of her livestream's viewers in his house. She has prepared a special get-up: cat ears, babydoll, grade school backpack, and a cat tail anal plug. Now, all that remains is to use the lucky old virgin to help her get off while an AV plays in the background. 6. Kodomo Hoihoi (こどもホむホむ, Child Trap) On Mie's way from school, there is a booth with vending machines selling AVs and toys. Her friends are contemtuous of it, but she is very curious. Thus, one day she goes home alone right after school ends, all in hopes of going inside. And truly, what she finds is everything she could have dreamed of, but she will have to choose wisely, since she has only saved up 3000 yen. Unfortunately, that soon comes apart when she learns she needs an ID to buy these things, as the guy restocking the vending machines helpfully points out when he catches her inside. 7. Most Sweet Chocolate Karen planned to buy a chocolate more on the expensive side for her older boyfriend for Valentine's. However, when she and her friends find out that the occasion came about due to saint Valentine being killed, she decides to forgo the tradition. Later though, she learns the whole story from her boyfriend, and acknowledges she should in fact be giving a chocolate. Caught off guard, she instead decides to do her best to have sex, given their first time ended early due to pain. 8. Indulgence! (γ„γ‚“γ γ‚‹γ˜γˆγ‚“γ™οΌ) Yasaka's older boyfriend, Seiji, has had a bad day at work, getting yelled at by his boss, so he is feeling very down. Yasaka does her best to cheer him up, soothing him both physically and mentally. After all, that's everything she is able to do for him until she grows up and makes enough money for the both of them. 9. Stinky Bro A guy has very bad body odour. He does his best to manage it but to no avail. Strangers avoid him, but that doesn't bother him much. What really gets to him is that his little sister, Yoshika, who used to love him, now acts cold to him. Thus, one day after she again disparages him about his smell, he impulsively hugs her tightly to make her get a good whiff. 10. Shishunki Virginal (思ζ˜₯ζœŸγƒ΄γ‚£γ‚ΈγƒŠγƒ«, Virginal Puberty) Tami is a good, earnest girl, and a great student, but she is friends with a girl who is more unrestrained. Thus, she tries her hardest to act like a gal. One day, she attempts to smoke in school, using cigarettes she stole from her dad, but is caught by her homeroom teacher. After getting lectured, as well as being shown examples of how she is a good kid, she takes advantage of him becoming dazed for a while to show him how she is even bigger gal than her friend, using the fellatio techniques she has practiced alone. 11. Linaria (γƒͺγƒŠγƒͺγ‚’) A bookstore clerck has been secretly fapping to a girl who comes to the store to read erotic books and masturbate to them. One day, as he is enjoying himself again, he sees the girl being approached by an old man, and, assuming that the guy has noticed what the girl was doing, takes her to the backroom. Unfortunately, he forgot to put his dick away when made his rescue. Fortunately, the girl doesn't seem to be bothered.

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