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1) Café Latte Lovers (カフェ・ラテ・ラヴァーズ); Comic Anthurium 028 Kaori and Kurumi are both very popular at school due to their great endowments, but there are rumours that they have boyfriends. No one knows however, that they both have the same boyfriend, Mu-min. He doesn't quite feel he deserves the two beauties, but they both appreciate a bit of kindness he had shown them years earlier when they were kids and are in love with him. Thus, the trio spend their days having fun as well as fun . 2) Momojiri Motion!! (桃尻モーション!!, Peach Butt Motion!!); 017 Momoka has been dating Yoshi for a while, but she is a bit conscious about her large ass. Thus, when Yoshi suggests going to the pool together, she makes various excuses. However, Yoshi is has made up his mind, refuting all of them, so she has no choice but wait in the changing room and try on the swimsuits Yoshi picks for her. 3) Momojiri Ocean!! (桃尻オーシャン!!, Peach Butt Ocean!!); 030 Yoshi and Momoka have come to the beach. Momoka is having fun frolicking in the water, Yoshi is having fun watching Momoka and her ass, and overall everything is going well, until Momoka asks Yoshi to put sunscreen on her, and he gets a bit handsy. 4) Ookiku Nattara! (おおきくなったら!, When I Get Bigger); 022 When they were children, Gin made promise to Rita that he will marry her when he grows taller. However, now that they are both in high school, Gin has grown very little, and is now two heads shorter than Rita. Thus, he can't bring himself to advance their relationship, but Rita has is not bothered by their height difference, and so decides to take the matter into hew own hands. 5) Torotoro Toko Jijou♡ (とろとろ床事情♡, A Simmering Bed Situation); 013 Tatsuo and Midori have been dating since high school and are very much in love with each other. They are even living together, but there is one issue: when they sleep together, Tatsuo gets really hot, which prevents him from falling asleep. Midori has no such problems, so after failing to make her move away while soundly asleep, Tatsuo sometimes feels her up instead. 6) Nice to♡Meat♡You♡ (ナイストゥ♡肉〈ミート〉♡ユー♡); 033 When Toranosuke is asked to deliver souvenirs from class reunion to Tsukamoto, who did not attend, he is pretty nervous since he has had a crush on her since forever. When he arrives at her place, he finds her quite a bit more fat than he remembered her, but she is still the same cute woman he loves. Thus, when she expresses her insecurities about her weight, he tries to reassure her, but instead ends up confessing? 7) Just♡Meat♡To You♡ (ジャスト♡肉〈ミート〉♡トゥユー♡); 036 Toranosuke has to go on a month-long business trip, so Tsukamoto decides to take this time he, the one spoiling her with sweets, is away to diet. Will she be able to stick to it for the whole month and attain the hot, beautiful body she can surprise Toranosuke with? 8) Yoru no Champion (夜のチャンピオン, Night Champion); 021 Hajime has become the new boxing champion, but despite all the strength and skill, there is still one person he is unable to beat: his wife. Ever since he came after one round, he has been training and studying, all in order not to lose anymore. And today is the day it will all come to fruition: the couplea are going to have sex. Who will prevail: the invincible boxing champion, or his thirsty wife? 9) Kimi wa Akaboshi (君はアカボシ, You're a Crimson Star); 025 Sasaki, an office worker, has been feeling lost about his career lately. His jobs is not providing him the fulfillment he desires, so he is unsure what to do. That's when he stops at an oden stand after work, meeting the beautiful clerk operating it. After sharing his worries with her, causing her to keep the stall open past the closing time, he offers to help her pull the cart for her.

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