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Zattou ni Asobu Sakana

Zattou ni Asobu Sakana


He went fishing, but he got fished for instead! Natsumi Narasaki, a single 29-year-old who works as a scout for a porn agency, picks up a beautiful girl named Meiko out in the city one day. When she invites him to a hotel 30 minutes after they meet, he assumes she's a woman with an unusually high sex drive... but when he takes her to the agency office, they discover that "Meiko" is in fact a beautiful boy! Still, when Natsumi's boss suggests he seduce Meiko anyway, Natsumi takes Meiko to a hotel... Where he pleasures Natsumi! Could Natsumi be about to lose his virginity to a man...!!? She looks like a beautiful girl... but he turns out to be a piranha in drag, devouring heterosexual one-night stands who fall for his plot...!!

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