Ningyohime no Gomen ne Gohan

Ningyohime no Gomen ne Gohan


Mermaid princess Era, adored by her aquatic companions, witnesses their tragic fate at the hands of human fishermen. When her dear friend Bonito is captured, Era defies warnings and ventures onto land in human form to honor him. In a surreal twist, she enters a seafood restaurant, orders Bonito's cooked body, and offers prayers for her fallen friends. As she prepares to depart, a customer reveals Bonito's grim fate of never reaching Heaven. Stricken by grief, Era impulsively tastes a morsel, triggering an insatiable craving for seafood. Ningyohime no Gomen ne Gohan delves into Era's struggle as a cannibal mermaid battling her newfound desires and the haunting knowledge of her citizens' flavor.

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