Harapeko no Marie

Harapeko no Marie


Legend tells of a spectral girl haunting the ancient Catholic church inhabited by the Sagimiya clan, known for their bitter feud with the Bijogi family, stewards of a neighboring Taoist temple. Amidst this backdrop, Taiga Bijogi harbors a long-standing affection for Anna Sagimiya, the gentle daughter of the priest. Unbeknownst to him, the Sagimiyas dabble in unorthodox pursuits, including the resurrection of Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, the insatiable offspring of Marie Antoinette. Caught in this web of intrigue, Taiga faces the unsettling prospect of becoming the sacrificial lamb for their sinister agenda. Despite this grim fate looming over him, Taiga seizes a moment to profess his love to Anna, only to be inexplicably struck by lightning moments later. Though he survives unscathed, a peculiar transformation awaits him—his once masculine form now bearing a feminine and blonde visage.

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