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Secret XXX

Secret XXX

romance · slice of life

As his father is a zookeeper and his mother a veterinarian, Shouhei Ikushima has spent his whole life surrounded by dangerous animals. Because of this, he is fond of rabbits and finds comfort in their meek nature. Unfortunately, he learns that he is allergic to them. Prioritizing his health, Shouhei decides to never get in close contact with a rabbit again. One day, Shouhei spots a shop named "Trois Lapins" that specializes in rabbit care. There, he meets its owner, Itsuki Mito—a gentle and affectionate man whom Shouhei immediately falls in love with. After noticing how much Shouhei cares for rabbits, Itsuki offers him a part-time job. However, as Shouhei does not want Itsuki to know about his allergy, he declines the proposal. Shouhei is frustrated that he cannot develop his relationship with Itsuki. But when Itsuki calls him about a missing baby rabbit, he rushes to the shop to look for it. Faced with a problematic situation, Shouhei must hurry before the symptoms show up and his secret is revealed.

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