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Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban

Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban

drama · romance · slice of life

Takaba is an office worker who finds a job in a first-class company, in search of a new beginning. However, as soon as he joins, he learns the secret of his direct boss Karasuma: he has a predisposition to seduce people and stir up their sexual desire. Karasuma uses his own body as a weapon to move up in the company! Takaba is disgusted to see his boss opening his legs to horny men every night, but now it looks like Karasuma’s got Takaba in his sights…?! An Alpha who dislikes Omegas & an Omega who seduces Alphas – A bewitching Omegaverse story by genius mangaka Keri Kusabi!

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