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comedy · drama · romance · slice of life

Kang Soohwa's day is not off to a great start. He desperately needs a part-time job to pay his bills, but while chasing after free wi-fi, he gets soaked by a hose and faints shortly after. When he wakes up, he is greeted by Go Yohan, the manager of Cafe Goyo; and his employee, Oh Gyoon. After Soohwa begs the two men to hire him, Yohan sympathetically agrees despite Gyoon's protests. Gyoon hands Soohwa a guide for sign language, which he will need because Yohan is deaf. Although Yohan was not born deaf, he prefers to communicate using sign language since he cannot hear his own voice. Even more shockingly, Soohwa discovers that he is aroused by Yohan's deep voice! Due to this predicament, Soohwa resolves to master sign language by himself—but when Yohan offers to be his teacher, their relationship is about to become far more tangled than Soohwa could imagine.

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