Ayakashi Ko

Ayakashi Ko

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In the heart of Tokyo's Asakusa district rests the serene Ayakashi-sou mansion, the dwelling of a solitary sixteen-year-old girl. Despite its quiet appearance, the mansion teems with ayakashi—supernatural beings from Japanese folklore. Kuuko, a mischievous fox girl, and Yukime, a gentle snow-woman, find solace in this peculiar abode, along with the childlike Zashikiwarashi Kii. Their unusual family grows with the arrival of Nene, a newly formed cat youkai seeking refuge. overseeing this spectral household is Mahoro Miyatsuka, the mansion's heiress blessed with the ability to perceive and communicate with spirits. While her unique gift binds her to the ayakashi, Mahoro's eccentric habit of conversing with invisible entities has alienated her from society. Unfazed by her social isolation, Mahoro cherishes her time caring for her ghostly companions, as they savor simple pleasures like watching fireworks, engaging in playful activities, and embracing the present moment with unwavering tranquility.

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