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Kodomo datte Ecchi nano

Kodomo datte Ecchi nano


1. Iinari Housekeeper Yuuya, a NEET, has been entrusted by his older sister and parents to look after his nieces, the twins Misaki and Sasa, since their mother, his sister, is too busy with work. He is to be their live-in housekeeper, but when he starts doing their laundry and finds adult panties, he puts them on his face, apparently to "better understand the twins". In any case, he forgets he has them on until he greets the twins when they return home... 2. Umi demo! Iinari Housekeeper Yuuya takes the twins to a beach, but other than playing in water, Sasa has different activites planned. 3. Okyakusama ni mo! Iinari Housekeeper The twins invited their friends over. Yuuya is about to start making dinner for them all but is instead pulled to play the king game. 4. Secret in the Dark Takamiya has come to meet his girlfriend's, Manami's, parents in her home. He is nervous, but he gets along with Manami's little sister, Honoka, very well from the moment they meet. However, Honoka plans to get along with him even better, and is not at all shy to make bold advances. 5. Hentai Temptation An elementary school teacher is being seduced by Kirishima, one of his students and a junior gravure idol. This has been going on ever since he has expressed his support for her job, but Kirishima is about at the limit of her patience.

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