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AniBrain first started as a way for me to learn machine learning techniques back in December 2021. I knew anime recommenders were a common introductory project and there were so many articles online, I figured I should learn making one as well. My first recommender system gave interesting results. Back then, I considered it a success to find an anime in the same franchise as similar (e.g. Naruto is similar to Naruto: Shippuden).

A lot of tutorials I followed had similar results, where the recommender system found anime in the same franchise, but others were just popular anime that weren't like what was searched (in my opinion). I personally wasn't a fan of this, as it didn't help me discover anything new. I made it a goal to build a system that did not take into account the popularity of an anime, but rather focused on innate features (e.g. plot) to determine similarity and make recommendations. AniBrian is my attempt to achieve this goal.


The goal is simple: help people find new anime and manga. Whether you're a veteran or completely new to the space, my dream is to ensure that you can find something new and exciting to read or watch.

Thank You

It's amazing what this site has grown into thanks to all the feedback from friends and visitors. I read through every piece of feedback given in hopes of making the most ideal platform for everyone. Thank you for visiting the site and I hope you're able to find something new to read or watch!

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