Our past and future

AniBrain 1.4 - MAL/AL List Integration For Recommendations (FUTURE)


    AniBrain 1.3 - Manga, Light Novel, One Shot, & Random Recommenders

    April 1, 2022
    • New Recommender Pages: Added manga, light novel, & one shot recommendation engines/pages. Added a random recommendation engine/page.
    • Adult Media: Users can now get recommendations for adult media. They must be signed in to do so.
    • (Experimental) User-selected Recommendation Algorithm: Users can now change aspects of the underlying recommendation algorithm to better focus on the features of the requested media they care most about. This feature is currently in beta.
    • More Filters: Added genre, community rating, and country of origin filters to all recommender pages.
    • New Pages: Added an "About" and "Roadmap" page (found in the footer). Created manga/light novel/one shot specific pages for a bio of the media and listing out recommendations.
    • Removed "AI-Ideas" Form: Removed the AI-Ideas form as the same information can be put in the feedback form under "feature request".
    • Landing Page Redesign: Removed excess text from the landing page and made it more to direct to recommender pages.
    • Recommender Pages Redesign: Styled search recommendation pages after Google/Bing.

    AniBrain 1.2 - Frontend Migration and Improved Styling

    December 15, 2021
    • User Accounts: Allow user's to create an account and save recommendations for later.
    • Anime Specific Pages: Created anime specific pages for a bio of the anime and listing out recommendations.
    • Filter Modal to Sidebar: Changed the filter modal to a sidebar.
    • Improved Recommendation Card Design: Changed card design to be more appealing on mobile (slimmer) and more simplistic overall. Added hover effect to get a lot more information on the recommendations.
    • Improved Recommendation Algorithm: Changed underlying recommendation algorithm for improved results.
    • Improved UI: Made all hero backgrounds have the same blue gradient for a simpler site design. Removed wave design from hero image transition to content.
    • Changed Frontend to Next.js: Migrated the application from pure React to Next.js for performance improvements.

    AniBrain 1.1 - Site Theme Change

    October 1, 2021
    • Added Form Pages: Added forms to get feedback, ideas, or collaborate from visitors.
    • Added Title Preferences: Allow user to select the title (official, english, or native) to show on the recommended cards.
    • Added Filters: Allow user to filter by anime format (TV, Movie, etc.) and the year they were released.
    • Vote on Recommendations: Allow users to vote on whether a recommendation is good or not.
    • Group Recommendations: Grouped recommended anime by their franchise to not get back a bunch of titles in the same series.
    • Improved UI: Changed UI from a jellyfish theme to an anime theme and improved recommender cards.

    AniBrain 1.0 - Initial AniBrain Release

    July 26, 2021
    • Anime Recommender: Added an anime recommender to search for an anime and get recommendations back.