HUGtto! Precure

HUGtto! Precure

TVToei Animation
actioncomedydramafantasymahou shoujo

On her first day at a new school, the optimistic Hana Nono aims for a more mature and dependable image. Despite a rocky start, she quickly befriends two classmates: the diligent Saaya Yakushiji and the enigmatic Homare Kagayaki. That evening, a magical infant drops into Hana's life, sparking an instant connection. Naming her new companion Hug-tan, Hana is taken aback when a sassy talking hamster, Hariham Harry, implies she's not the chosen one before disappearing with the baby. The following day, as Hana witnesses a strange phenomenon plaguing the city, she leaps to Hug-tan's defense, triggering a surprising transformation into the valiant Cure Yell. Unveiling a world threatened by an organization named Criasu Corporation, Hana learns of the pivotal role Future Crystals and Precure warriors like her play in thwarting this malevolent force and preserving hope for tomorrow.

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