In the realm of Alcia, one's fate is dictated by their 'Count'—numerical markings that define their worth and destiny. Hina, whose Count reflects the distance she travels, witnesses her mother's descent into the dreaded Abyss, a fate worse than death. Driven by her mother's dying wish, Hina embarks on a quest to locate the fabled Aces, revered heroes of a centuries-old conflict marked by a distinctive white star on their Counts. Amidst her journey, Hina crosses paths with enigmatic figures like Licht Bach, a masked man bearing a negative Count, and Nana, the proprietor of a local tavern. When a playful escapade turns perilous, Licht, despite his ominous Count, comes to Hina's rescue, revealing a hidden Count marked with the legendary white star of an Ace. 'Plunderer' chronicles Hina's expedition alongside fellow Alcian denizens as they unravel the mysteries shrouding their world, the foreboding Abyss, and the mythic Aces of yore.

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