Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

MOVIEToei Animation

In a distant past on Planet Vegeta, the realm of the mighty Saiyan warriors, King Vegeta detects a baby named Broly with unmatched potential, surpassing even his own son. Fearing Broly's future supremacy, the king banishes him to the desolate planet Vampa. Broly's father, Paragus, ventures to save his son but faces spacecraft damage, leading them to endure years stranded on the inhospitable world, unaware of the unexpected aid awaiting them. Meanwhile, on Earth, Goku and Prince Vegeta, thought to be the sole Saiyan survivors, hone their skills in seclusion. Their training is disrupted by the reappearance of their old foe, Frieza, prompting a quest for the elusive Dragon Balls on an icy continent. There, Frieza unveils his new allies: Paragus and the immensely potent Broly. A cataclysmic clash unfolds as Goku and Vegeta confront Broly, an unparalleled warrior harboring a dormant fury that threatens to reshape their world.

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