Aru Zombie Shoujo no Sainan

Aru Zombie Shoujo no Sainan

ONAGONZO & Stingray

On a scorching summer day, a group of five college students ventures into the library storage area in search of hidden treasures. Among their discoveries are two sets of ancient female mummies from Italy, aged between 14 to 20 years old. Temptation leads one of the students, Sayaka, to open one of the mummies and seize a mystical stone known as the 'stone of life,' granting the mummies extraordinary strength and immortality. With their 'stone of life' stolen, the mummies awaken after a century as vengeful zombies, determined to reclaim their power in a brutal manner by decimating their foes and consuming their flesh. Trapped in a nightmare, the students must find a way to defeat the zombie girls in order to escape with their lives intact. Will they overcome this chilling ordeal and emerge unscathed from the clutches of the undead horrors?

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