Otona Joshi no Anime Time

Otona Joshi no Anime Time


Returning to Japan after five years abroad, Noriko is uncertain about what to expect as she visits her parents in Kanazawa. While some aspects of the city have evolved and others have remained constant, Noriko finds herself confronting memories of her past and buried secrets. In another tale, Mimi, trapped in a loveless marriage, discovers a spark of excitement when her encounter with the local garbage man, Kou, transforms into something deeper. As she navigates living with Kou while still married, Mimi ponders her choices and the conflict between societal expectations and her own happiness. Meanwhile, Hatoko Nikawa reminisces on her life's most significant moments, her 'best ten,' only to realize that all her cherished memories occurred before turning 18. Anticipating her middle school reunion, Hatoko yearns to reconnect with her first love, unaware of how time has changed him or if he can meet her expectations. Lastly, Maho Katou grapples with immense stress, managing a son who sleeps excessively, a daughter who rarely comes home, and a husband who has lost his job. Balancing work at a late-night store to support her family, Maho sacrifices rest and leisure, teetering on the edge of a breakdown from her relentless efforts.

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