Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream

Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream

TVTatsunoko Production

Aira Harune, a cheerful but clumsy girl, stumbles into the enchanting world of Prism Shows—a blend of idols and figure skating where contestants, known as 'Prism Stars,' showcase dazzling Prism Jumps in Prism Stone-adorned costumes. Enthralled by the captivating glamour and stunning performances, Aira resolves to join their ranks. Alongside the fiery Rizumu 'Rhythm' Amamiya aspiring to master the fabled Prism Jump 'Aurora Rising' and the ambitious Mion Takamine aiming to reign as the preeminent Prism Star, Aira's journey unfolds with friendships forged, personal evolution, and serendipitous meetings. Will their pursuit of perfection in Prism Jumps propel them to achieve their aspirations and claim the coveted title of Prism Queens?

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