Kabukichou Sherlock

Kabukichou Sherlock

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In the bustling chaos of Kabukichou, a neon-lit city shrouded in both brilliance and darkness, John H. Watson, a university hospital employee, seeks assistance for a peculiar case. His quest leads him to the Pipe Cat, an underground bar where Shinjuku's top detectives, including the renowned Sherlock Holmes, gather. Here, amidst discussions of Jack the Ripper's case, John is drawn into a partnership with Sherlock that unexpectedly plunges him into the world of crime-solving. Witnessing Sherlock's unmatched deductive skills firsthand, John is captivated by the detective's brilliance and eccentricity. As John delves deeper into this new detective life, navigating through the enigmatic streets of Kabukichou, he not only uncovers the truths of the city but also unravels the mysteries entwined with his own case.

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