Ayashi no Ceres

Ayashi no Ceres

TVStudio Pierrot

Long ago, Ceres, a celestial maiden known as a tennyo, descended from the heavens to bathe in a stream. When her hagoromo, the robe granting her passage back to the celestial realm, was stolen, she was forced into marriage by the thief. This union led to a lineage blending human and tennyo blood. Fast forward to modern times, Aya Mikage, a descendant of Ceres, inherits a significant amount of tennyo lineage. On her 16th birthday celebration, orchestrated by her family, Aya faces a sinister plot by her grandfather to end her life. Gifted with tennyo powers distinct from her relatives, Aya can transform into Ceres, a force capable of devastating the Mikage clan. A constant struggle ensues as Aya must grapple with controlling Ceres' power, aided by her guardian Yuuhi. Amidst this chaos, a complicated relationship with a former associate of her malevolent grandfather threatens to divert her attention.

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