Kud Wafter

Kud Wafter


After a mishap causes the boys' dorm to be unfit for habitation, Masato Inohara inadvertently damages the water main. With repairs underway, the boys are temporarily housed in the girls' dormitory. To determine their new sleeping arrangements, they draw lots from a hat, leading to some boys being left without proper beds. Riki Naoe, upon drawing his lot, finds himself assigned to a less-than-ideal clubroom. When Kudryavka "Kud" Noumi notices Riki's predicament, she gathers her courage and invites him to stay in her room instead. Despite teasing from their peers in the Little Busters group, Riki and Kud spend the summer together, creating lasting memories. As their bond deepens through shared experiences, they both begin to contemplate a potential romantic connection beyond mere friendship.

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