Star☆Twinkle Precure

Star☆Twinkle Precure

TVToei Animation
adventurefantasymahou shoujosci-fi

Hikaru Hoshina, a vibrant middle schooler obsessed with space and the supernatural, encounters a cute alien named Fuwa that emerges from her celestial sketches. Alongside Fuwa's alien friends, Lala Hagoromo and Prunce, they seek the legendary warriors, Precure, to safeguard the universe. However, the sinister Notraiders target Fuwa for their own ends. Driven by a fierce protectiveness, Hikaru transforms into Cure Star, joining forces with Lala to defend against the Notraiders, locate the remaining Precure, and recover the Star Color Pens crucial for awakening the 12 Star Princesses who maintain universal harmony.

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