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In the futuristic world of Neo Tokyo, where humans have advanced to explore the stars alongside aliens, the down-on-his-luck writer Robby Yarge faces a string of misfortunes. After losing his job and girlfriend, surviving a near-fatal accident, and being chased by debt collectors, Robby's life takes an unexpected turn when a young man named Hatchi Kita comes to his rescue. Despite their contrasting personalities, the two part ways only to reunite when Hatchi reappears as a debt collector working for a loan shark. A thrilling cat-and-mouse chase ensues as Robby escapes to space, aiming for the fabled planet Isekandar, known for granting happiness to its visitors. What starts as a solo journey for Robby transforms into a cosmic adventure as he and Hatchi embark on a quest across the galaxy in search of Isekandar.

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