Baki: Dai Raitaisai-hen

Baki: Dai Raitaisai-hen

ONATMS Entertainment

In the second season of Baki, our protagonist, Baki Hanma, faces a dire situation due to a poisonous aftermath of a recent battle. With his life hanging by a thread, Baki's friend Retsu Kaiou takes him to China, where he discovers the legendary Raitai Tournament. This prestigious event, previously closed to outsiders, now offers a chance for Baki to claim a cure for his condition by participating in the intense competition. The twist? Baki's own father, renowned as the 'Strongest Creature on Earth,' is also a contender in this ultimate showdown of martial prowess. Amidst the gripping battles of the tournament, Baki crosses paths with the enigmatic and formidable Mohammad Alai Jr., adding further intrigue to his journey.

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