Kidou Senshi Gundam I

Kidou Senshi Gundam I


In a future where Earth's population burgeons, humanity resorts to colossal orbiting space colonies named 'Sides.' Amidst the social stratification forcing most to space, a rebellion simmers. In the Universal Century 0079, Side 3 proclaims itself the Principality of Zeon, sparking a war for independence against the Earth Federation. Despite Zeon's scarcity compared to the Federation, their advantage lies in mobile suits—gigantic humanoid robots. Leading Zeon's ace pilots is Char Aznable, the enigmatic 'Red Comet.' When Char's unit stumbles upon the Federation's Gundam prototype in Side 7, a brutal clash ensues. Amuro Ray, son of the Gundam's creator, pilots the suit to repel the Zeon assault. As Amuro becomes Char's adversary, he flees the colony aboard a Federation vessel, plunging into a direct confrontation with his formidable foe.

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