Shironeko Project: ZERO CHRONICLE

Shironeko Project: ZERO CHRONICLE

TVproject No.9

In a world divided between the celestial Kingdom of White under Queen Iris and the dark Kingdom of Black ruled by the King of Darkness, a looming evil threatens to engulf everything. Iris, the embodiment of Light, must uphold balance and combat the encroaching darkness. Simultaneously, a young boy, the lone survivor of a village decimated by monsters, is taken under the wing of Skeer, an armored mentor who recognizes the boy's potential to reshape their kingdom's future. With Skeer's guidance, the boy embraces his new role as the Prince of Darkness, determined to bring about change and restore harmony to the world. As Iris and the Prince of Darkness navigate their divergent paths in the face of impending catastrophe, their intertwined fates hold the key to the world's salvation or ruination.

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