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In the realm of idols, the VENUS Program stands as an impartial judging system powered by AI and data, determining the cream of the crop based on various criteria. Every year, the prestigious VENUS Grand Prix unfolds, showcasing the brightest talents in the industry. Among the countless participants, Mana Nagase shines like no other, until a tragic twist of fate halts her career on the brink of greatness. Years later, Kouhei Makino, once Mana's manager, embarks on a new chapter at Hoshimi Productions. Seeking to cultivate a fresh constellation of stars, he screens aspiring idols. Enter Kotono Nagase, Mana's spirited younger sister, eager to uphold her sibling's illustrious memory under the mentorship of her former confidant. And then there's Sakura Kawasaki, whose voice eerily mirrors Mana's, adding an intriguing dynamic to the auditions. Both Kotono and Sakura impress the panel, securing spots among ten hopefuls. Together, they reside in a shared dormitory, navigating the complexities of teamwork and camaraderie. Bound by a shared dream, these girls navigate the cutthroat idol landscape, striving to ascend to the pinnacle of success.

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