Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu

Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu


Vampire lore typically dictates fearsome creatures with specific weaknesses to offset their immense strength, yet the vampire overlord Draluc defies convention by being vulnerable to nearly anything. Hired vampire slayer Ronald embarks on a mission to infiltrate the domain of the supposedly unbeatable 'Invincible Progenitor,' tasked with rescuing a child from the clutches of this formidable foe. However, Ronald is astounded to witness Draluc disintegrate merely from the sound of a simple hand clap upon his arrival. To his surprise, the child he was meant to save had merely wandered into the vampire lord's lair to enjoy his video games while he dozed. In a bizarre twist of fate, Draluc's fortress crumbles, leading the weakened vampire to seek shelter with the very hunter who bested him. Thus begins an unusual alliance between Ronald, Draluc, and Draluc's loyal armadillo companion John, thrust into a precarious partnership as they navigate threats from Ronald's aggressive editor, rival vampires infesting the city, and even their own kindred vampire hunters.

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