King's Raid: Ishi wo Tsugumonotachi

King's Raid: Ishi wo Tsugumonotachi

TVOLM & Sunrise Beyond

In the realm of Orvelia, peace was secured by King Kyle's defeat of the demon king, Angmund, ages ago. However, a resurgence of demonic activity threatens this hard-won tranquility a century later. When a reconnaissance team vanishes save for one survivor, suspicions rise. Meanwhile, Riheet, leader of a band of dark elf mercenaries, harbors a deep grudge against humanity for their past betrayal. As the knight apprentice Kasel, aided by the priestess Frey, seeks to rescue a lost comrade named Clause, startling revelations unfold. Kasel, descendant of the legendary King Kyle, uncovers his lineage and the pivotal role he must play in wielding the Holy Sword Aea, the bane of demons. Tasked with a daunting quest to unlock the sword's power, Kasel embraces his destiny to confront the looming threat of demons. As his path converges with Riheet's vengeful ambitions, a clash of fates looms large over Orvelia. What lies ahead for these two driven souls as their destinies intertwine in a realm beset by darkness?

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