ONADandelion Animation Studio, Pancake, Studio Colorido, Team Yamahitsuji

Pokémon Kids TV Japan's YouTube channel showcases a variety of animated episodes like 'Chase the Beans' featuring Zuruggu and Mimikkyu by Dandelion Animation Studio. Other releases include 'Yanchamu's Dream to Become a Hero' by Pancakes, 'Dream Bud' by Studio Colorido, 'Just Wait! Koiking' by Studio Colorido, 'Cozy Magcargo House' by Studio Colorido, 'Becoming Gengar!?' by Studio Colorido, 'Blizzard Summer Vacation' by Mimoid, and 'Purin's Song' by StudioGOONEYS, each offering a unique and engaging Pokémon adventure.

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